Education in 2020:

I think that education could be very different in 2020. There is a lot of progress being made in the world of technology, and a lot of new systems could be implemented that could increase our school’s resources. The internet will probably be a lot more useful, and teachers will benefit from being able to communicate with other schools around the world. I don’t think that all the possible technology advances will necessarily improve the fundamentals of education. Like I said in the paper that I wrote, I think that teaching is about people caring about kids, not about computers and digital programs. I think that education as a system has worked over the years, regardless of how many mega bytes are involved. I hope to see consistency in the way our teachers care for our children.

Assistive Technology:

I honestly have never spent that much time thinking about assistive technology and how incredible it is for students with disabilities. The video clip that we watched really made me aware how much is out there and how kids can benefit greatly from technological advancements. I was amazed at what kids could do with only their eyebrows, for example. Those kids are so talented and unique and deserve to be served and helped in any way that we can do so. Maybe one day I will have a child who needs assistive technology, and I am going to want as many resources as possible to enable my son or daughter to have a rich, learning-filled life.

What I learned:

I used to be very scared whenever I was told to make a powerpoint. My friends always had to do it for me because I didn’t know who to do anything for myself. After taking this class, I think I could make a powerpoint in five minutes if I had to. I also learned a lot about the resources that are out there on the internet, such as wordpress and esnips. I had never heard of any of that, but I’m glad I know about it now. Also, I’ve never been a huge advocate for technology in the classroom, mainly because of my past experiences, but now I know how useful it can be and I plan on learning more about the many ways that I can use technology to teach kids.

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